2022 ISU @ Texas BBQ Tailgate

Saturday, October 15
Hours: 7:30a - 7:00p

The ISU Alumni of Austin club once again will be hosting what may very well be our last Iowa State BBQ tailgate party before the University of Texas leaves the Big 12 Conference.

Your admission ticket gets you on our fenced-in lot for not only an ALL DAY party with fellow Cyclone fans (and several Longhorn friends), but also all the fresh smoked BBQ brisket, sausage, chicken, pork loin and sides you can eat with various adult beverage options included (while various supplies last). We will also plan to show other games on satellite bigscreen TVs all day under tents regardless of weather. Children under 13 are free.

DFW club game tickets are sold out!

Please also note your tailgate ticket does not include parking (see FAQ below*)


Is this the official ISU Alumni Association tailgate?

There is no official ISUAA indoor tailgate next to the stadium this year. The Austin club tailgate is it! And please understand this tailgate is totally funded up front by the personal funds of a few dedicated folks that just want to throw a great tailgate for ISU fans realizing how hard and overwhelming it can be to try to tailgate by yourself at a very large, busy downtown UT campus. A majority of our proceeds go to our BBQ team’s charity (see below) while the remaining go to the Austin club to fund future events and scholarships.

Where is this BBQ tailgate at?

We outgrew our location of past Austin tailgates and have upgraded to the largest lot available for rent just two blocks east of the old location now at 18th & Trinity St. In September you will be issued a barcoded ticket to bring to the tailgate entrance which will be scanned then exchanged for a wristband. The ticket is transferable either printed or via email if you bought it for someone else. Just note that any duplication of ticket barcodes after issue will be rejected once the first ticket is scanned.

*Where do I park?

While we do have one of the largest tailgate lots for rent near a busy downtown metro campus, it can only accommodate people and our BBQ smoker rigs, not also your vehicle. You will still need to find parking for a fee in several of the state garages mostly to the south as garages near us or the stadium are only for 15K or so Longhorn Foundation donors. Texas tailgating is an all-weekend affair so the earlier you get to campus Sat. the better parking chances you have. While rideshares like Uber and Lyft can drop you off at our tailgate lot most will not pick you up there after the game. You will have to get picked up at the designated rideshare lot to the northeast of DKR stadium.

Where can I buy game tickets and when is kick-off?

The DFW Club has sold out of their allotment in their ISU ticket blocks. There are limited tickets remaining via the UT Box Office or through 3rd-party ticket brokers like StubHub.com, etc. Kick-off was just announced recently for 11:00a.

Is there a Friday night pre-game party somewhere as well?

Of course! The Austin club is once again also hosting a party on the upstairs covered root top patio of Blind Pig Pub overlooking downtown’s famous Sixth Street. There will be bands playing up there with no cover. Just look for the ISU flags hanging over the sidewalk!

Tell me about the BBQ team and charities

This year we are partnering with both the Texas Firewalkers BBQ Team and Soap Creek Saloon Cookers. A majority of our proceeds will go to Texas Firewalkers BBQ Team who raises money for families who have lost their home and possessions due to fire and need immediate help getting back on their feet. Their charity was featured in an episode of the series “Returning the Favor” hosted by Mike Rowe.

Can I check out other tailgates?

We recommend you do! There are lots of big tailgate events like ours going all around even though it’s hard to see the vastness among all of the tall buildings around campus and the capitol complex. Just swap your ticket at our gate for a wristband and can then come and go as you please. You'll find other Longhorn tailgates are friendly but understand many also charge admission as well. UT also hosts “Bevo Boulevard” along San Jacinto St. next to the stadium with live music, street vendors, etc.

Can I bring my own stocked cooler?

Due to changes in Texas beer/wine license rules you cannot bring your own beer/wine/seltzers/etc (anything below 35% ABV) into our event like was allowed in our past Austin tailgates. But you can bring your own hard alcohol and we will have sodas for mixers.

Suggestions where to stay?

Downtown Austin has many hotels and rentals (like Airbnb). However, note that the same Oct. 15th weekend is the Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL Fest) with many local and national bands in the southwest downtown region. Also be aware the enormous international Formula One auto race begins Thursday the 20th and most downtown and south Austin hotels will be either booked or very expensive if you wanted to extend your stay much past game day. Given this we recommend more affordable accommodations along I-35 to the north of campus.


This is also a “rain or shine” event regardless of weather or your travel situation. Only if the game is cancelled due to city ordinance will refunds be issued. Once you are issued a barcoded ticket you may resell it by your own means for the same or lesser value.

Any other questions email tailgate@austincyclones.com

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